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The "Must Do" in Anjou & the Loire Valley

Come and experience the "Douceur Angevine"

Gennes and surroundings

Gennes a small town with an important roman history is a perfect starting point to explore the Loire Valley around Saumur

Gennes offers an exceptional area of nature, history and authenticiy. 15 km west of Saumur, the Gennois (the county around Gennes) has the highest concentration of Caves and Stone Formation in Anjou as well as many Gallo-Roman remains. The most famous is the amphitheater of Gennes


The Loire villages of the Thoureil, Chenehutte-Treves-Cunault are two "Small Towns of Character" bordering Gennes. They are perfect for easy walks, where you can see the old ports, stone embankments and traditional Loire boats.

Saumur - the Capital of tuff-stone Houses and Horses

Castle of Saumur on the Loire river
Castle of Saumur on the Loire river

Diversity and harmony characterises the identity of what Saumur and its surroundings offer to visitors:

  • The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud,
  • The Castles & chateau of Saumur, Montsoreau, Brissac and Breze,
  • The rich Architecture of Saumur with its 63 Historical Monuments,
  • The Presentations of the Equestrian Tradition performed by the Cadre Noir
  • The Tank Museum - the biggest Exhibition of War Tanks in Europe
  • The tremendous Variety of good still and sparkling Wines like the Saumur-Champigny and the Cremant de Loire

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  • Chateau of Villandry (60 km)
  • Chateau of Riveau (40 km)
  • Gardens of Maulevrier (60 km)
  • Chateau du Pin (55 km)
  • Gardens of Maupassant (20 km)
  • Garden festival of chateau de Chaumont (120 km)
  • Week-end of the Roses in Doue-la-Fontaine (15 km)
  • Bioparc Zoo of Doue-la-Fontaine (15 km)
  • Art cave site Helice Terrestre (8 km)
  • Theme parc Terra Botanica (plants) (35 km)
  • Theme parc Puy du Fou (history) (95 km)
  • Theme parc Futuroscope (numerical science) (115 km)
  • Slate museum, Trelaze (25 km)
  • Slate mine, Segre (70 km)
  • Sound and light show at the castle of Saumur (15 km)
  • Traditional Loire Boat market in Thoureil (April)
  • Organ Festival in Chenehutte-Treves-Cunault (May)
  • Translayon - sports and wine Festival along the Layon (June)
  • Cycling day along the Loire and 
  • Anjou Velo Vintage (28-29. Juni 2014)
  • Festival d'Anjou, theater Festival (Juni / Juli)
  • Festivini in Saumur -  sports and wine Festival (September)
  • Accroches Coeurs in Angers - street Festival (September )
  • Pottery Festival in Gennes (September)